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pi day necklace

Pi day (3.14) is a fun holiday for math geeks and it is just around the corner! If you know me at all, you know just how much I love pi. If there were an e day, I'm sure we would celebrate that as well. There are so many projects you can do with your kids - try pointing out circles you see around the house or out and about, and how pi comes into play (for all of you non math geeks, remember C = πd? If not, head to wikipedia). You can have fun by baking a pi(e), or serving a snack in the shape of pi. This piñata looks like a fun project for next year for us. I hope I don't forget about it!

This year we made pi day pasta necklaces using the first dozen digits of pi. Here are some more if you are an overachiever:


Pi Day Necklace
What you need:
  • beads or pasta you can string, in different shapes, sizes, or colors
  • string or yarn
  • scissors
  • tape (optional)
We used more of our dyed pasta for this. F will be 3 this month and was able to follow the numbers I wrote down on his own so this seems like a good craft for the preschool crowd. He had a lot of fun choosing which (different) piece would come next and then counting them out and stringing them on. Just cut the string to your desired length, add a piece of tape to make the stringing end rigid, and start sorting and stringing them on. Simple and cute!

bowl o' pasta
F stringing
This project makes me want to hit up the local bead store and make my own pi bracelet!

Here is another post on Pi Day activities.
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