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Pi Day Display or Bracelet

I thought I would post some pictures of the Pi Day craft included in my Pi Day Fun. You can obviously follow the same idea to make your own. Of course you can make Pi Day bracelets or necklaces with beads or dyed pasta but I thought this was a fun way to display pi up on a wall in a colorful way. There are two versions of this craft - the simple (numbers included near the dots) and more difficult (no numbers included near the dots). Here is the simpler version:

I thought it might be helpful to show a few of the dots filled in (use Do-a-dot Markers or Bingo Markers). Cut along dotted lines and then glue A-A, B-B, and C-C:

You will then have a long chain/line of dots. The numbers below tell you how many to dot in each color. Alternating colors makes it easy to see what the digits are.

If you want to make a longer chain, print out the second page of dots and as many copies of the third page as you want. The more "B" pages you print, the longer your chain can be. If you use one B page you will get to the digit 7 in pi: 3.1415926535897. To make the chain, connect A-A, and then B-B repeatedly until you run out of B chains, then finally connect the C-C piece. The chain on the left is just with the first sheet; the chain on the right is the pi chain representing 3.1415926535897. A fun way to make this a group activity is to give your students the Digits of Pi page and have a competition to see which team can make the longest correct chain in 20-30 minutes.

Can you tell the digits of pi by just looking at the left chain? 3.1 (blue) 4 (red) 1 (green) 5 (pink) 9 (blue) 2 (orange) 6 (green) 5 (red) 3 (pink).

I hope this clears up any confusion for anyone making the Pi Day craft! Still confused? Perhaps a simpler pi bracelet with pipe cleaners and beads is more up your alley:

Stringing beads: 3.14159

Done stringing: you have a bracelet!

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