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Show me the MONEY!

One of my kids' favorite things to play with is their play money! Thankfully, they have become masters at adding up bills and coins and making change, but I know this task does not come easily to many kids (and adults, too)! If you are working on coin counting, you'll definitely want to visit Teaching Tykes' TpT shop! Lori has the following really fun money resources:
Need coin practice? Click the image above!
Are your students ready for bills AND coins?
Or maybe the bundle makes more sense (of course it does! You'll save $!)!
Lori and I linked up in a fun promotion over this past week and it's been a blast getting to know more about her products and read her blog. You'll definitely want to like her Facebook page since she posts really fun things every day!

 While you're at it, I highly recommend Melissa and Doug's play money (not an aff link). There is SO much money ($9353, I think!).
If you don't have money for the money in your budget (harhar!), never fear. Find some spare change and try going artsy. This project is always a blast with the little ones, and even better if you have lots of different state quarters! Coin rubbing money tree!

Here's another money game you can do with either real or fake coins: fishing! Check out this post I wrote on having an indoor carnival:

Have kids that aren't quite ready for money math? That's okay, I've got you covered. This will keep any toddler (past the mouthing stage) occupied for hours on end. Save a container with a plastic top. Yogurt containers work well! I found giant coins at the dollar store which were great for tiny hands. My kids always called it "funny money." Cut a slit in the lid. Fill, dump, repeat. Visit the original post for more dump and fill ideas!

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  1. Meredith, you are such a sweetie to post this. I have had a wonderful time getting to know you. You and your family have such a fun time. I love hearing about and seeing pictures of your great adventures together!

    1. Aw, Lori, thanks so much! I'm so glad I signed up for a TpT swap and I got you!