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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

coin rubbing money tree

Coin Rubbing Money Tree

This is a fun way to explore coins in a hands-on way. My kids love anything to do with money: counting money, playing with money, experiments with money, and so on! This is a great way to reinforce coin size, as well as coin recognition as the patterns are rubbed through with crayon. This is LOW prep and can be done whenever you want to introduce, practice, or review coins.

What you need:
  • coins (if you have any foreign coins, this makes it even more fun!)
  • crayons
  • a bare tree. Paint or draw one yourself, or print out the image below (right click to view larger):

For a challenge, have your child add up how much their money tree is worth, or see how many of the state quarters they can identify:

Some of the state quarters make really nice rubbings!

Looking for more Money activities? Learning is so much more fun when you use games, so I have created several games and activities to actively engage students in money:

Money Games and Activities
More money activities:

Fishing for money at an indoor carnival

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  2. Thanks for this lovely money tree idea. 😊