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painted sticker roller prints

This is similar to the wood block sticker stamp project, though less prep work and a bit messier.

What you need:
  • cardboard tube (tp, paper towel)
  • large dowel or rolling pin (with a smaller diameter than your cardboard tube)
  • wash cloth, paper towel, or rag
  • foam stickers
  • washable paint
  • paint brushes 
  • paint tray
  • roll of paper or large piece of paper
  • drop cloth or shower curtain (optional) 
  • smocks (optional)
You could do this directly on a rolling pin if you didn't mind cleaning it off later but using a cardboard tube makes for easier cleanup. I covered the kids' table with paper so we could just do the project right on the table, but if you are using a large roll of paper on the floor you will want a drop cloth or old shower curtain underneath the paper.

1. Trim your cardboard tube to the same length as the roller on your rolling pin and insert your rolling pin into the tube.

2. If it is a snug fit, great! If not, roll a piece of paper towel or washcloth around the rolling pin and then place your cardboard tube on so you have a tight fight.

3. Put your foam stickers all over the cardboard tube in the pattern you want.

4. Pour some paint into a paint tray and start painting your foam stickers.

5. Roll out your design!

You can then change out your roll and start again, making as many designs as you'd like in as many colors as you can mix! This would be great to do on canvases as well and want to have the kids make their own prints for their room or a playroom.
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