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DIY Foam Sticker Stamps

Create your own homemade stamps with stickers

Make your own stamps!This is an easy and fun project. This post shows how to make them with wood blocks (they have a nice weight, and will last a long time), but you can use other materials as well. As always, use what you have.

Materials Needed to Create DIY Sticker Stamps

  • scrap wood (or use bottle caps, old wooden blocks, or recyclable containers)
  • sandpaper
  • foam stickers or foam paper cut into shapes
  • washable ink pad (you can also use washable paints on a scrap sponge)
  • paper
1. Cut some blocks from scrap wood (you could also use cardboard for this though they probably won't last as long - glue a few pieces together to make them thicker). These are roughly 2.5" x 1.5" x 1":
    2. Sand the blocks.

    3. Choose stickers that you would like to make into stamps. You could also cut your own shapes from foam paper, or use thick rubber bands and cut and glue them on. Pro tip - to make the stamps easier to use for your little ones, place two identical stickers on top of each other (it makes the stamp part thicker and less likely to get any of the wood block on the print).

    4. Stick them on to one side of the wood block, remembering that the stamp will be the mirror image of the sticker.

    5. Start stamping!

    You can also use plain shapes and then draw in faces, details, etc.What I love about this project is the fact that I know if the foam shape starts to wear out, it can easily be replaced/updated. Other ideas - create a set of letter and number stamps, or make your own holiday wrapping paper - click the image to read the post:

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    1. Kai wanted to make placecards for dinner with friends last night, and I recalled this post. In short order we had a simple woodworking project for him (he loves helping me saw and loves sanding) as well as some new stamps! So easy - thanks, Meredith!