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Easy DIY Wrapping Paper with Homemade Stamps

Easy DIY Wrapping Paper 

Use that packing paper you have lying around from a move or holiday shipments you've received.

What you need:
  • Paper you'd otherwise recycle
  • Something to decorate it with! 
    • stamps are easy - we made our own seasonal ones for winter solstice
    • crayons, paint, pencils, or markers
    • glitter
    • make it 3D by gluing on random objects you don't need
The stamps we used (also used these on our stamped ornaments!)
Stamped paper. Don't worry about it being wrinkled!
Star paper from the back - we used twine to secure the paper.
Use excess paper to write a name tag, hole punch, and string twine through!
Next year at this time I may order extra play silks and we can try out furoshiki, another beautiful way to wrap gifts!
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