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STEM Tale - Rapunzel Engineers an Escape

Fairy Tale STEM Activity for Rapunzel

Rapunzel can escape the tower with a little help from your students!

Materials Needed for this STEM Fairy Tale Activity

  • cardboard tubes
  • printable character
  • various recyclable materials
  • other crafting supplies (craft sticks, pipe cleaners, pompoms, etc.)

Before Getting Started with the STEM Tale

First your students will craft a tower. This is a fun standalone activity. You don't even have to let your kids know there will be another part to the challenge after this. Use long cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls (or tape TP rolls together). Cut out a window near the top. Decorate as desired. Washi tape is always fun for this activity!

STEM tales work best if you read the original fairy tale first (or do your own storytelling!). This also leads to great discussions during the engineering process, as kids love to compare the original story with the new version.

Fairy Tale STEM with the Engineering Design Process 

I have designed STEM tales so that as students read the story, they will follow the engineering design process. First, they need to identify the problem (Rapunzel needs to escape from the tower). Then they need to think of some ways she could get down. Allow their imaginations to soar! I have had kids think of everything from a water slide to a parachute to a zip line and even a hang glider.

Design an Escape for Rapunzel 

After thinking of some ways Rapunzel can escape, the kids will then choose one they can build. They will plan out the materials and design, and then construct their escape route based on the plan.

After the prototype is built, the kids then test it out! If something didn't work right, it's time to go back and improve the design.

STEM tales are a great way to foster teamwork and problem-solving. This STEM tale usually inspires amazing creativity and excitement from the littlest engineers.

To find the full resource, which includes an 8-page booklet, printable characters, check list for self-evaluation, and tips, visit this link:

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Fairy Tale STEM - Rapunzel Engineers an Escape! Help Rapunzel get out of her tower and see the world. Can you design an escape route for her? Meredith Anderson Momgineer

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