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Writing about Community Helpers!

When my oldest was in K, we learned about community helpers but I wasn't really fond of the resources I had at hand. Since that was the case, I had created some more community helper resources such as writing prompts and are-can-have tree maps. That worked great for him. However, with my youngest, he wasn't quite ready to tackle everything his brother had at the same age. With two brothers being so different, it only makes sense that in a classroom there will be a lot of differences in skill sets, particularly in K and 1! Now my youngest is in 1st, and needs a little extra practice, both with reading and writing. I got to working on a new set of writing pages to address this very issue! I love working through this unit, because it's so easy to tie everything else in with it! It's also important for our kids to know how many people it takes to run a successful community. We are lucky to have had some wonderful encounters with many of our community helpers, in particular our farmer, librarian, and firefighter!

I think we will spiral with these community helper packs, first using the cut and paste option, and then moving on to one of the more difficult pages. The full pack has 10 community helpers in all: police officer, firefighter, librarian, crossing guard, chef, teacher, mail carrier, veterinarian, farmer, and doctor. I think we will also try to draw a local map of our neighborhood and try to locate all of these helpers as well. Click the image below or the link at the bottom to download the police officer pack for free!


You can download the police officer pack FREE here!
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