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Solar prints for the home!

I recently posted about our solar print art project with LEGOs and craft sticks. I loved how they looked so much that I added them to some frames in our living room! Back story: I bought these frames on clearance at Crate & Barrel...7 years ago? They had been in the box ever since (oops). When I had a photo printed on canvas from our spring trip to CA, I knew it needed something on either side. The photo frames made perfect sense, so I asked dh to hang them on the wall for me. Of course, I haven't had photos printed in far too long, and instead of the frames sitting in the box, now they were hanging on the wall, sans photos. I decided that since the solar prints came out well, and since I am a slacker about getting actual photos printed up, that at least for now the solar prints will live in the frames! Here's what it looks like:

 and a close-up view of the frame on the left:
These frames are really fun and can flip around to the opposite site. We will have to make more solar prints and add them to the back, just in case I get the urge to flip them to the back side. 
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