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Solar Print Art!

I have had solar print paper for awhile, but kept forgetting to get it out. This morning was such a beautiful and sunny one, and I finally remembered to get out our solar print paper! I love nature and of course my first thought was to collect leaves and flowers for the project. However, my kids are less enthused about that kind of thing so I told them to find some LEGOs instead! I recommended getting some with holes, and some figures. I also grabbed the craft sticks, because they were there.  =)

What a cool and simple project to do! All you really need is the solar print paper, a shady spot, a sunny spot, some objects, and a pan of water. Here is the first batch just after putting it in the sun:

This is what it looked like about 5 or 6 minutes later:
 The package said it would take 1 to 3 minutes, but ours definitely took longer. We used a rock to hold the plastic window down, but that probably wouldn't be necessary if you used flat objects. Here is the layout we used for the second batch:
I love the 3D look of the finished project! We will be doing these again soon for sure. Here is a larger view of the four completed prints:

Have you tried solar print art with your kids? I would love to try this again with some lace or strings. I like them so much I think I might put them on display in my living room! I will upload the picture if and when that happens.

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