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week in review: spring is here!

From top left, and clockwise: Finishing a 1000 piece puzzle, the start of soccer season, nature walk (4), playground fun, seedlings growing!

Three other exciting things started this week:

1) Chess class! All 3 of my boys (husband and two kids) are participating. They have learned the fried liver attack.
2) Tennis club! The local homeschoolers will meet weekly to learn how to play tennis. I volunteered to lead the 6-9 year olds and our first class was a blast.
3) Baseball! My 6yo is playing baseball as well as soccer. Almost 8yo has tried both soccer and baseball but decided they aren't for him, so I'm hoping he likes tennis. It's nice to have a sport you love.

We are quite busy, but the weather is warmer and the daylight hours are longer, which makes it a bit more manageable.

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