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New forever FREEBIE!

Are you teaching Pre-K or K? My AlphaFlips mini-books have undergone a makeover and I am really happy with how they turned out! I have added two pages for each vowel to include short and long beginning sounds. We will be using these as end of year review at home with my K kid! Folded up it looks like this:

1. Finding the booklet letter and counting! Tally or write the numeral.
2. Open the top flap and trace the letter and the words. Optional ruled reverse side is shown.
3. Opened all the way, the images are glued inside the flap and you can use the back side of the flap as well!

My favorite part about this redesign? There is no waste! Here is what the original page looks like:

What does that mean for you? No paper scraps all over your room to clean up! I love interactive resources but I loathe the mess they sometimes make! You also only need three dabs of glue, or four if you are gluing these booklets into an interactive journal. I love the idea of having an "Alphabet Fair" where each student gets a letter and adds their own personal touch. This is the optional back side that can be added to the back of any of the letter sheets for more handwriting practice. For 1st grade review, have your students write words ending in the letters as well as words beginning with the letters!

I have decided to make the short alphabet sounds a FOREVER FREEBIE!


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