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Garden Update: Here we go again!

It's that time of year again! Gardening is something I couldn't easily live without. There is nothing like eating fruits and veggies as you pick them. It's almost May, which means the days of harvest are not quite in sight, but the days of prepping are here. This past weekend I cleaned up and/or turned over all of the gardening beds. Pea seeds, summer squash seeds, and beet seeds are in. The sage, rhubarb, and lovage have all woken up. The blueberry shrubs have buds. The strawberry plants are
looking spry. My handy husband and helpful kids built me a new box for some tomatoes! Here they are about halfway done:

We dug a trench for potatoes! This year I am taking a break from pumpkins and winter squash and instead growing potatoes. I got tired of those pesky squash vine borers and we get plenty of winter squash from our CSA as well. I put in the seed potatoes just a few days ago and am hoping they fare well.
Here's the rhubarb waking up! This is one we have transplanted from the HippySticks' homestead in Maine. We split it off last year into two and that one is doing well. I may split this one again since it is always so healthy!

What we will be growing this year:
Tons of herbs, including basil, oregano, lemon balm, mint, dill, sage, thyme, borage, and lovage

Tomatillos and ground cherries (if they self-seed; I didn't save any seeds.)
Snow peas
Blueberries (I hope! We've had a few horrible years. If they don't produce this year, I'm pulling them and putting something else in!)
Summer squash (possibly under row cover to avoid those SVBs!): Scallop and other bush varieties
Yellow and red strawberries
I'm not sure what else off the top of my head. I'm open to suggestion, and will often let volunteer plants that grow from the compost just keep on growing.

Though I've grown greens, parsnips, and carrots in the past, I think this year I will take a break from those as well. We get so many from our CSA I often found myself composting greens that wilted before we got a chance to eat them!

Perhaps as the garden starts growing I will give a virtual garden tour! =)
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