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Reinforcing number sense

Neither of my kids are enthusiastic writers. The 7.5 year old is finally writing with ease, but his almost 6 year old brother is still pretty reluctant about it. Though I do encourage him to write and color, I am always looking for ways he can learn and explore without writing being the focus. We love our Montessori materials, and the beads and wooden number tiles are no exception. I set up this simple station for him with various beads on each tray and then he gathered the number tiles to match the number of beads. After I set up several trays, he then proceeded to set up more on his own, picking beads at random and then figuring out how many there were. This seems to be a task we go back to again and again, though it is quite simple.

We purchased these Montessori materials at Kid Advance, however we have also made our own beads before with pipe cleaners (or chenille stems, if you are fancy like that) and dollar store beads! You could also make ones, tens, and hundreds cards on card stocks. Our trays are also from the dollar store. =)

A few of my other favorite Montessori-inspired activities:

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