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Sunday, March 20, 2011

transferring activites

This is an activity that we do every week or so, and I try to vary the objects that are getting transferred. It is a great fine-motor activity, and a calming one that can help bring focus as well as develop hand coordination and strength for writing. It doesn't generally hold interest for very long, but helps us transition from a hectic atmosphere to a more peaceful one.

What you need:
  • Tweezers (like these for perler beads, cheaper at Michaels) or learning chopsticks
  • Ice cube trays, egg cartons, or other compartmentalized tray
  • Transferring ojects:
    • pompoms (easy)
    • cut up sponges (easy)
    • miniature animals (medium)
    • wooden cubes (medium)
    • perler beads (difficult)
    • marbles (difficult)
    • anything else you can think of - perhaps items from a nature walk
Transfer randomly, or in a pattern. You could also use color resemblance sorting cubes for this task to make it even more challenging. H decided to make up a pattern (below), F just focused on getting the objects into the ice cube tray. For younger children, try using larger objects, like smooth decorative stones, and have them grasp them with their hands to help develop a tripod grip.

1. Place your transferring objects in a bowl or tray.
2. Transfer!
 He did the same pattern in each row, reversed.
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