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suncatchers via the artful parent

We recently tried out this easy activity after I saw is posted by Jean over at The Artful Parent. I already had beads (from Dollar Tree). I took the advice from the comments and cooked these outside on the grill. No outgassing in the house was a huge bonus!

One of the finished suncatchers.
We used mixed opaque and translucent beads.
H placing his beads into the muffin tray.
Grill ready to go!
Rainbow suncatcher!


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  1. Looking forward to trying this. Did it ruin the muffin pan?

  2. They popped right out of the muffin pan and it cleaned up as good as before, but if you have a spare or older one I'd use that just in case (or if you are at the $1 store getting beads, and they have one, that might be a good thing to grab).