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i-spy bottle

I saw this post recently and it reminded me how I've been wanting to make one of these for awhile with the kids. They have been having fun playing with it and I think we'll make another one so they each have one for car rides.

i-spy bottle
What you need:
  • a cleaned out, dry, transparent container with a lid
  • rice, beans, lentils, bird seed (good idea to freeze overnight first)          
  • objects to spy - you could do a theme or just random items
  • glue
Basically you just fill the bottle with the filler and your objects, making sure to only fill it about 75% of the way so that you are able to shift it around to find things. I decided we would put two of each item in to increase the likelihood of finding at least one of them. I'm glad we went with a variety of shapes/sizes/colors because some of them are very easy to spot for F, and others are much more difficult (like the coins, even I have a hard time finding them!). I added a little bit of glue to the threads on the bottle to help keep the lid on.
    objects in our i-spy container
    filling the bottle

    leaving space makes it easier to manipulate
    momgineer Meredith Anderson

    STEM education is my passion!

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