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exploring negative space

We had gotten a few of those grow capsules that grow into shaped sponges at Target for bath time, and I saved them knowing there would be some projects we could do with them. Negative space came to mind so we played with a couple different ways to use the sponges to create designs.

Spray paint method:
Now before you start thinking what a loon I must be to give my kids spray paint, I didn't hand a couple bottles of Krylon over to them for an indoor craft and hope for the best (though maybe in a couple years?). Watering down washable kids paint and putting it into an old spray bottle seemed like a better idea. I think it was a little too diluted the first time we tried this, but still pretty:

This is an old Windex bottle I've had for a long time, though it looks like the real stuff, it is really just diluted paint! I know this could be an April Fool's joke waiting to happen:

1. Place your sponges or other items on the paper.
2. Spray with diluted paint.
3. Wait for the paint to dry, then remove the sponges.

Glitter method:
We used contact paper for this one (I know, we use it a lot!), but you could easily use plain paper and glue. Place your shapes on the sticky side of the contact paper and then sprinkle with glitter.


I plan on taking this outside in a few weeks to use items from nature and will add some new photos then.
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