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custom t-shirts

I have made custom t-shirts for myself in the past, as well as custom onesies for a new baby, but I hadn't made any with the kids. I thought it would be fun for them to decide what kind of shirt design they wanted, and go to the craft store and pick out the color they liked. Generally they are on sale for either 2 for $4 or 2 for $5, or if they aren't on sale, there are usually coupons you can print for 40% off an item so it's a pretty low cost activity, especially considering you are getting usable clothing out of it. The other thing you need is t-shirt iron on transfer paper (get the dark transfer paper if you are using dark colored shirts) and a printer. I had some paper left over from years ago; you can put several transfers on the same sheet to make it last awhile.

What you need:
  • t-shirt, wash and dry first if new!
  • printer (remember to flip your image left to right, especially if it has lettering!)
  • design (you could draw one of your own, or use a picture, or find some free clip art)
  • iron
The instructions for how to do this will be with whatever iron on transfer paper you use, so I'll just show how we did it but make sure you follow the instructions for your own paper.

Pick out the t-shirts you want to use.
Pick out and print your design, trim around the edges.
Heat up your iron and iron the shirt so it is flat and dry.
Place the transfer where you'd like it and iron it according to your transfer sheet instructions.
Wait for it to cool and then peel off the backing.
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