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cleaning crew

If your home needs cleaning love, and you just don't feel like you have the time to get it done while taking care of everything else that needs attention, try enlisting the help of your child(ren). A toddler can take on a good amount of cleaning, and not only are they learning something useful, they are actually helping! My favorite toddler cleaning tool is a Swiffer sweeper with 1-2 of the handle links removed. It is excellent for quick cleanup on our wood and tile floors. Other things easily found at your local dollar store:
  • squeegee
  • spray bottle
  • duster
  • dust pan & brush
  • small broom (the one below is from Target)
  • dust cloths 
our kid-sized cleaning supplies
Need your windows washed? Fill the spray bottle with water (or nontoxic cleaner for older children) and have them spray the window and squeegee it. You will have all your windows washed in no time! We have glass shower doors as well so I give H & F spray bottles and squeegees every so often during bath time. Need your floors cleaned?  Dampen a dust cloth with water or mild cleaner and put in on the Swiffer head (or leave it dry for dusting or picking up pet fur). Older children can of operate an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, smaller children a hand held vacuum. In my experience, it works better to let them take the lead and decide they want to clean, rather than ask when you need it done. If I leave the cleaning supplies out, eventually they will ask to use them.
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