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mystery bag game

This is a great activity to help your child learn about adjectives, and one found in Montessori learning, though typically with two sets of geometric solids. You can describe what you are looking for with words such as smooth, bumpy, round, rough, soft, heavy, light, small, large, squishy, and so on.

1. Find 2 each of geometric shapes, miniature animals, pompoms, straws, etc.
Why yes, those are homemade tree blocks on the left! Future post, I promise!
2. Put one of each in an opaque bag (you may want one with a drawstring if you a peeker).

3. Describe one of the animals outside the bag. Ask your child to find it. Then ask your child to find it in the bag, without looking.

A few variations on this game:
  • Put *all* the items in the bag. Pull out one first, then try to find its mate. 
  • For younger children, you might want to just use similar (and fewer) items; for example: two balls, two animals, two blocks, two beanbags.
  • If you have more than one child, have them sit back to back. Have one child pull out an item and describe it, pass the bag to the next child and have them try to figure out what it is and find the match.
This could make a good car/travel game as well if you include a bag for matches as well.
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