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matching game variations

Matching is a favorite game for many kids, but you don't need to buy a memory game and you can certainly have more fun than using a deck of cards. Find a decent number of matching cups (like dixie cups or other cups that are opaque - someone was giving Tassimo cups away and we were happy to receive them for crafting/games). Here are some of our favorites:

crayon rocks

Other things we've used:
foam squares with stickers on them
magnetic letters/numbers

For older kids who are reading or pre-reading, you can split the game into two halves - one side with letters and the other side with objects and have them try to match up animals to the letter that animal starts with. This is a current favorite in our house! The kids had gotten tubes of small animals in their Christmas stockings and they are the perfect size for this game. You could also do this with number magnets in one half, and pompoms in the other, but you'd probably want to limit it to 3-4 pompoms max!

Anyone want to play?

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