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Research Project for Kids - Study a Famous Scientist or Inventor

A Biography Research Project with a STEM Focus

Biographical research projects might feel overwhelming to kids, especially if it's the first time they have tried this type of activity. I created this activity as a first exposure to studying a famous person. It is all contained on one sheet of paper, so that is something that does not overwhelm kids. There are also a couple of different formats to choose from: a folding brochure format or a poster format.

Why scientists and inventors? Obviously I am passionate about STEM fields, but in finding out more about these important contributors, kids may become inspired to pursue a similar career or at least take more of an interest in it. Sports figures, performer s such as singers and actors, and other professions inspire kids from an early age. Why not scientists and inventors? Without them, we wouldn't have high-tech sports gear, a way to watch sports events, or the technology to record and play back music and movies!

Here's how it works!

First, choose the scientist or inventor to study. I have provided a list in the resource I created, or you can find a great list for kids on

Now it's time to do the research. I love utilizing the library to find general information books about various scientists and inventors, but you should also be able to find individual books about many of these inspirational figures. Find the basics, such as when they lived, where they lived, and some other background information about them. Then go a little deeper and find out what important invention they dreamed up or scientific contribution they made. Maybe their discoveries or ideas weren't considered viable or important in their time. Maybe they died penniless and unknown. Some had fame and fortune, as well as respect. Others may have been dismissed for being too revolutionary or for being a woman or a person of color.
The next part of the project is so much fun, because it is time to present the findings with others and do a fun scavenger hunt! Display the research projects around your room, so that students can read about the scientists and inventors and fill out the scavenger hunt page. If you don't have the resource below (you can find it here) you can create a simple scavenger hunt to hang up, with questions such as:

Can you find a scientist who lived before you were born?
Can you find an inventor who invented something you have used?
Can you find a scientist who is from a country other than the one you live in?

Find the resource on Teachers pay Teachers:
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Famous scientists and inventors biographical research project! Kids use an easy-to-follow format to learn about a scientist or inventor and then share their findings with classmates. | Meredith Anderson - Momgineer

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