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STEM Tale - The Three Billy Goats Gruff Fairy Tale Activity

Fairy Tale STEM Activity for The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The goats may have gotten past the troll once, but what about crossing the river when the troll comes back?

Materials Needed for this STEM Fairy Tale Activity

  • card stock for the characters and bridge, or use small figurines
  • foam pipe insulation, cardboard boxes and other recyclables, building bricks, etc.

Before Getting Started with the STEM Tale

STEM tales work best if you read the original fairy tale first or do your own storytelling. Discuss the similarities and differences as you read through the story. If you use the resource I've created (linked below) you can make your own characters easily. Otherwise, use small figurines from a barn set or math manipulatives as the goats and troll.

There is also an initial simple bridge you can construct from card stock.

Fairy Tale STEM with the Engineering Design Process 

I have designed STEM tales so that as students read the story, they will follow the engineering design process. What is the problem that needs to be solved in the Three Billy Goats STEM Tale? The goats need to get to the other side of the river, and they are tired of dealing with the troll. To do this, they will outsmart the troll by building a new bridge the troll will be too afraid to go on!

Design a Bridge

After brainstorming bridge design ideas, the students will then choose one to create. They will need to take measurements as well as pick a troll phobia. What are some common phobias people have? The troll below has arachnophobia! He will never want to go near the bridge as long as it looks like spiders have taken over. The goats can cross the river easily now.

Use what you have and let the students run away with their imaginations on this one. You can get creative with the troll character. This troll is apparently afraid of fish!

STEM tales are a great way to foster teamwork and problem-solving. To find the full resource, which includes an 8-page booklet, check list for self-evaluation, and tips, visit this link:

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