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STEM Activities to Support the Study of Edward Tulane

4 STEM Activities to Try When Reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

A respected part of the family. Junk at the bottom of the ocean. A confidante. A traveling companion. A journey of the heart and soul, and so much more. This story, told through the eyes of Edward the china rabbit, touches on different walks of life and various tragedies so many of us encounter in our own. It is through these journeys that Edward truly learns about love, loss, and life.

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Because this story has some deeply emotional and melancholy scenes, it may be difficult to process. Having a hands-on project can help young readers process those emotions as well as connect to the story in their own way. I have created a series of STEM activities to be used while studying this book (or to be used after the book is finished). While students are creating their designs, they may feel it is easier to open up about their thoughts on the book and what is going on. Using a stuffed animal, they will follow Edward on his journey.

Design and Create Apparel for "Edward"

A stuffed animal is much easier to deal with than a china doll or animal!

Gather your materials:
  • paper, card stock, vinyl tablecloth, felt, or fabric scraps
  • tape, Velcro or hook and loop sticky dots, or fabric tape
  • stuffed animal
  • buttons (optional, for decoration)
Design and create the clothing or accessory. Take measurements, focusing on important obstacles such as ears or a tail. Even if you are using fabric as the final design, make the pattern first with paper, and then improve it as needed. After the piece is finished, try it on another animal. Does it work? Why or why not? What would Edward think of it? Would he think it was up to snuff?

Design and Create a High Chair for Edward Tulane

Edward spends part of his journey as Susanna, sitting in the kitchen, listening to Nellie. Design and create a chair for your stuffed animal.

Materials needed:
  • card stock, index cards, craft sticks
  • tape
What will the high chair look like? Will your stuffed animal sit in it without falling out?

A Harmonica for Bryce

While most of the challenges focus on Edward, Bryce definitely deserves his own challenge. As Bryce is another young owner of Edward (as Jangles), many of the kids will naturally identify with him. What kind of music did Bryce play to his ill sister? Compose your own harmonica song after making a harmonica!

Materials needed
  • craft sticks
  • straws or toothpicks
  • rubber bands
  • decorative tape (optional)
One rubber band is sandwiched between two craft sticks (and around the outside of one). Two spacers (straws) are placed near the ends. Two rubber bands join the craft sticks together. The portion of the rubber band that is between the craft sticks vibrates as you blow through. How can you change the sounds of the harmonica?

Design and Create a Marionette

Make Jangles dance!

All you need are stuffed animals (with floppy limbs) and string or wires. Add craft sticks to attach the string to if desired. Try to control two limbs independently!

More STEM with Edward Tulane

In addition to the challenges above, I have created a full resource to support the 3 challenges mentioned (with engineering terminology, recording sheets, etc.), and additional challenges. I'd love for you to check it out!

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