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New Year's STEM Sale

Start off 2016 right by engaging your students with STEM, and do it with these discounts on December 31, 2015 and January 1, 2016. Seven other bloggers and I are discounting 2 of our favorite STEM resources each, to help you ring in the new year and have a STEMTASTIC 2016! Click on the graphic below to go directly to all of the resources discounted:

I have just bundled two of my top STEM resources into a 20 STEM challenge set. With the bundle discount and the extra 20% off, you are getting one set almost free! The other bundle I have discounted is my STEM Tales BUNDLE!

You can get STEMTASTIC in 2016! This STEM  bundle is ideal for grades 2-6, though these challenges can be done with older students as well (or even used for team building with your colleagues!).
 The 20 STEM Challenges bundle includes the following challenges:
Design a Bridge
Design a Paper Airplane
Design a Shelter
Tallest Tower
Challenging Maze
Pompom Launcher
Float a Boat
Fast & Slow Sled (can be seen in action on this blog post)
What a Drag
Cantilever Challenge
BONUS: All Aboard the Gear Train
Design a Zip Line
Design a Windmill
Fidget Fix
Code Creator (create simple code with conditional statement IF ELSE, no computer necessary!)
Design a Musical Instrument
Bubble Maker
Elevator Challenge
Design a Hammock
Printing Press
Windshield Wipers (synthesize a 4-bar linkage)

Pictured above are two of the STEM Tales in action. STEM Tales use a familiar story to inspire STEM learning (Rapunzel, Robin Hood, and Goldilocks). Help Rapunzel escape from her tower, Robin Hood repay his debts and win the archery competition, and build a new bed for Goldilocks! These challenges are ideal for grades 1-3.

You can read more about the resources included in this promotion by clicking on the links below:
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STEM education is my passion!

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