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STEM Challenge: Towers!

Today was the first day of our new STEM challenge class at a local makerspace! We had so much fun building towers out of plastic cups.

 This two-part challenge was to build the tallest tower using plastic cups (with a limit on the number of cups). The second part constrained the base to a 6 inch by 6 inch area (with large craft sticks, but you could use masking tape). A simple, yet effective task for demonstrating quite a few engineering design principles. They really got creative in the second part of the challenge!

You can download the graphic organizer sheet over at this guest post I did over at Minds in Bloom:

It turns out I wasn't the only one doing STEM challenges today! Cheryl at Primary Graffiti posted this on Instagram today too:
You'll want to follow her over at IG @primarygraffiti ! It looks like they had a great challenge in their class, and is making me anxious to go apple picking.

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