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Space Week FREE Resource Roundup

Are you trying camp with Google this summer? Week 2 is Space Week, and here are a few extra freebies you can use to support the theme. We are studying the moon, but you could study about the planets, space travel, rockets, or stars!

Links to the resources shown above, starting from the top:
Science Books for Beginning Readers by Teacher Tam
Space FREEBIE by More Time to Teach
The Solar System by Denise Hill
Getting to Know the Planets by Room 29
Comparing the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon by Elementary Ali

Other ways to support the Space Week theme:
Craft: Try making moon rocks! Make straw rockets with the free template over at Buggy and Bunny, or find 20 ways to build a rocket at Inspiration Laboratories!
Movie: WALL-E, E.T.
Field Trip: A planetarium, or go outside at night or early morning to count the stars or see the moon. Don't want to stay up too late? Print out this photo from, poke holes where the dots are, and attach to a toilet paper roll. Look through the roll to see the constellation.
Meal: Astronaut food? No thanks.
Game: Try my free number line games!

Online learning: 
Learning about the Planets
Popular Mechanics for Kids - Spaceships
Constellations - Connect the dots in the Sky

Please note, while the above resources are free at the time I'm posting this, sometimes they don't stay that way. Apologies in advance if any of the above links are either not working or are no longer free.

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