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Ocean Week FREE Resource Roundup

Are you trying camp with Google this summer? Week 1 is Ocean Week, and here are a few extra freebies you can use to support the theme! We are focusing mostly on sharks, but you could pick another type of ocean animal to study, or learn about the different oceans' sizes, depths, and locations.

Links to the resources shown above, starting from the top:
Ocean Animals by Nicole Walters
Shark Attack  by Luckeyfrog
Sharks and Whales by Kennedy's Korner
Continents and Oceans by Erin Zaleski
Read Aloud Books SHARKS by Digital Divide and Conquer

Other ways to extend the Ocean Week theme:
Craft: There are thousands.
Books: Look who Lives in the Ocean by Alan Baker and Flotsam by David Weisner were favorites when my kids were little; for older kids try  the Magic Schoolbus On the Ocean Floor or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Our local library has a great selection of nonfiction books as well, but if yours doesn't visit YouTube for some great videos, like this one about great white sharks or this one about dolphins (or maybe a dolphin giving birth)!
Movie: Finding Nemo, the Little Mermaid.
Field Trip: An aquarium or the beach! Don't have any nearby? Try the pet store, or peruse yours or a friend's seashell collection:

Meal: Fish!
Game: Go fish? =) Sushi go?
Online learning: Kratt's Kreatures Ocean Habitats
ARKive's cards and game Dinner at the Reef (we just use the species cards but you can use the activities as well):
 Please note, while the above resources are free at the time I'm posting this, sometimes they don't stay that way. Apologies in advance if any of the above links are either not working or are no longer free.

If you are looking for even more ocean activities, try my Ocean Flip Books ($) and Ocean Create-a-Book($) resources!

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