On the eve of your 9th birthday. - momgineer

On the eve of your 9th birthday.

I am thinking about how it could be possible that my first baby will be 9 tomorrow. Wasn't it just yesterday you were small enough to carry, signing "more," and talking about the "me-at" (cat, combo of meow and cat) out the window? Weren't you just small enough to snuggle on my lap, and I would rest my head on yours feeling that soft baby hair?

These last few years have just flown by, and this birthday is bringing up lots of tears in me. Halfway to 18. Last single-digit year. Nine!

To my LEGO-loving, Mario World loving, book-loving kid who is the best playmate to his little brother I could ever imagine, you are the one who brought me through the big change of woman to mother. You have big emotions and I am in no hurry for you to grow up. Look how far you have come, from the days where you were up at 3:30 am for the day and just wouldn't nap, and the hours-long tantrums because you just didn't have the words to tell me what was going on inside that head of yours.

Here you are in 2007:
in 2008, with your new brother:
in 2009:
here you are just after turning 7:
and here you are just a few weeks ago, being goofy, which you never were as a toddler. You were always so serious! You have learned sarcasm, and started telling jokes you have made up. I see more smiles from you these days than I ever did when you were small. I know your little brother has a lot to do with that, as does reading silly books like Big Nate and Captain Underpants. My heart grows bigger because of you and this goofy grin, kid!
In just a few short years, I will be the one looking up to you (your legs grow longer every night, I'm sure of it!), and your sweet kid voice will be replaced by a deeper one. I am so lucky to be your mom, and to spend these days with you. xoxo

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  1. Happy 9th birthday to your oldest and happy 9th anniversary of the day you became a mama to you! It's crazy to think how fast these years have flown by, isn't it?! Seems like just yesterday the kids were little and at Crickets and here we are now all these years later the mamas to nine year old (Grace turns nine on the 16th)! I hope his birthday today was simply wonderful! xo

    1. Thank you, Shel! Happy almost birthday to Grace and birthing day to you, too. We are such lucky mamas to have such amazing, beautiful, and healthy kids. xo