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Long overdue update to a resource!

I have had this on my To-Do list for ages.I finally got a chance  to work on updating Polygon Bingo, which was one of my first resources I listed on Teachers pay Teachers. If you already own it (or my geometery units for K&1 or 2&3), you'll want to download for the update. I have included black and white cards, follow up activities (with names of polygons), and spinners! Before, you had to roll dice to get the number and color of the polygon to cover. That worked well for us, but my kids enjoy using spinners SO much more! There are two versions of spinners - one with the number of sides, and the other with odd/even number of sides, to make the BINGO game go faster.


This might seem like a simple skill, but counting up the sides on a polygon can be challenging. You need to make sure you keep track of where you start counting! The skill comes in handy later on when working with things like area and perimeter, so it's great to get in all the practice you can. Plus, you get to say "nonagon," which is just fun. Make sure you listen to this in the background while playing Polygon bingo.

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