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LEGO Workshop with Play-Well!

This morning we had the opportunity to host a LEGO® workshop with Play-Well TEKnologies in our very own homeschool! Several local homeschooling families joined us and the kids got to build lego cars with gears and motors.

First, our instructor Krista, gathered everyone together and they all listened to the rules about respecting each other, helping each other, and how everyone would pitch in to clean up at the end. They also talked about engineers and what they do. If only I could captivate my kids' attention this well:

The kids needed to find similar wheels, mount their motors and gears, and learn how to control the motors to drive their cars. One of the rules was that no parents could help, which was a nice break for the parents and also encouraged peer collaboration and teamwork! Oooooooh...look at all those gears!

 Everyone got to personalize their vehicle with various decoration pieces and there was a lot of variation in both size and style of the cars.
A goal was set, design was carried out, and testing was performed. We had a vehicle ramp from a previous lego birthday party (for non-motorized cars), so instead of driving the cars down the ramp, the kids tested out their creations by driving their cars up the ramp. What a fun time!
Do you want to host LEGO-inspired engineering classes, camp, or even a birthday party? Visit Play-Well's website for details. They are in 25 states, and my oldest son had great fun at LEGO camp a couple of summers ago:

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