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You might hear people say NO SUH!

I had so much fun being interviewed by Lucy for her Teaching Across the USA series!

Since I'm not originally from MA, when we moved here these are the words that stuck out as different (and humorous)! The first time someone said "No SUH!" to me I honestly had no idea what the heck she was talking about (imagine it with a very thick Boston accent). Apparently it's like saying "No sir/ No sirree!/No way!" (incredulous reaction). What is funny is that I haven't heard it much since, but apparently it's not an uncommon saying.

Another one is "bubbla," which is Massachusetts talk for a water/drinking fountain (bubbler). I have heard this a lot and I knew to expect it, but it was still funny to hear it (and say it. Go ahead, say "bubbla!").

There are way more, such as wicked (or even wicked pissah), but another one you might be surprised to hear is "carriage." Not for a baby...not for horses...but for groceries! People here in Massachusetts call a shopping/grocery cart a carriage! For more amusing words you won't hear elsewhere (including town pronunciations) visit this Boston to English dictionary or this Glossary of Boston Slang.

Thanks again, Lucy! I look forward to reading all the interviews in your series!

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  1. For a non-native speaker of English as me, those words and expressions are so amusing!
    I would never have guessed that carriage could be used to refer to a grocery cart.
    Thank you for begin my guest and for linking!

    - Lucy