Five for Friday: Feb 20, 2015 - momgineer

Five for Friday: Feb 20, 2015

Time for another Five for Friday post! I hope everyone had a great week!

This week was school vacation week for the local schools, so Spanish class, piano lessons, and swimming lessons were all canceled. Our homeschooling music class was not, so at least we got that in! Fortunately (unfortunately?) we didn't miss much because on Wednesday my guys woke up with a cold and were pretty miserable, so we ended up having a quiet rest-of-the-week at home.
Peeking in on music class!
Let's talk about the snow (again)! I know everyone in the Boston area is sick of it, but I don't mind. I'm enjoying getting to use my snowshoes. I've also been running in the snow, which is even more challenging. It's also fun to see all the animal tracks and shadows.

With all that snow, it's the perfect time to snuggle up with some books and eat homemade soup and bread.


It also means that my floors are a ridiculous minefield of toys! There are LEGOs, Angry Birds, dominoes, cards, etc. EVERYWHERE. Luckily I'm not insanely neurotic about toys all over the floor...
I'm so excited that I finally finished my Matter / Chemistry unit and got it uploaded! I also made my first ever flipagram, which you can see here.
Matter! Chemistry for Kids

and here's a sneak peek at something I just started working on:

Thanks for hosting the link up, Doodle Bugs Teaching! How was everyone else's week?

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  1. My students are working on matter, I will have to check that out!! I like the snow too, but not when it cancels so many school days!