Week in Review: January 10th - momgineer

Week in Review: January 10th

It was SO COLD this week, and our furnace stopped working on what will likely be the coldest day of the year. I am very thankful it was fixed the same day, but ugh what a big unexpected expense! Hopefully everyone is staying warm and getting back into the swing of school. We have started up most of our activities again, except for our homeschool music class which will begin again in a few weeks. The boys are now doing swimming, piano lessons, and floor hockey in addition to chess class and Spanish class. They will resume farm school in March. We are quite busy these days and don't have a ton of time for traditional school work, but we have kept up with mathematics, reading (the kids are reading so much these days, woohoo!), spelling, and keyboarding. We have been lacking in the writing, geography, and history departments but hopefully can make up for that soon (I have planned a lot of activities for Black History month, and am hoping to start Mapping the World by Heart sooner than later). Lots of food pics this week:

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