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Fun Electrical Circuits Activities for Kids

Electrical STEM Activities for Kids

Fun hands-on and virtual electrical circuit activities for kids. Try hands-on circuits as well as virtual activities to get familiar with how they work, and learn about logic gates. | Meredith Anderson - Momgineer

Simple circuits for kids with Snap Circuits

My 6 year old has been having a lot of fun working in "creative mode" (any Minecraft fans out there?) with Snap Circuits (affiliate link, please read my full disclosure here). After a brief lesson on Ohms law and basic circuit components such as resistors, capacitors, batteries, and motors, he went to work. In the end he used both of our battery packs and a fan to make a flying saucer that flew way higher than it did with just one battery pack. His big takeaways are: "Always make a loop," and "Make sure you don't switch things around the wrong way, especially the LEDs (polarity)."

Snap Circuits are one of the few ways I have found for young kids to easily explore circuits. It is one of my favorite STEM toys. Definitely check them out if you can.

It is so much fun to build with Snap Circuits!

Use Minecraft to Learn about Logic

Did you know that you can create logic gates right IN Minecraft? I'm betting your kids know (if they play) but they may not realize that logic gates are used across programming languages. You can learn about AND, OR, NOT, and more here:

If your kids aren't into Minecraft but like dominoes, these are amazing:

Online Circuit Activities

Some great virtual resources:

I highly recommend the Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits:

I also found the following, The Fusebox circuit builder:

Electricity Circuits Game at Science Kids (click to go to the site and play):
If you are looking for more hands-on ways to explore electrical engineering activities for kids, here are some other great kits (affiliate links):

We have used this and it's great, though I recommend it for about ages 10 and up:

Graphics in main image from Teachers Resource Force and The Cher Room.
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