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Autumn Trees Art Project

I loved doing this project with my kids! I found this post and really liked the tree art project, so we tried it out this morning. I cut a few sheets of paper in half (the long way) and trimmed some tree silhouettes, thinking it would be easier for my kids to focus on their design.  I love how they turned out!
Here are the tree silhouettes and background papers. I used blue for crisp blue autumn sky. For the tissue paper, I lucked out and had several colors that I thought would work.
The kids worked on trimming the tissue paper into small pieces and then started composing their trees. At first we were using glue sticks to place the paper pieces, but found it frustrating, so I grabbed a can of spray adhesive and sprayed each sheet. That made it go a lot faster, though you had to be sure you knew where to stick the paper pieces (that spray adhesive is strong stuff!). After the papers were stuck, I sprayed the trees with the adhesive and stuck them on. Then we added a few more touches (a bird, some leaf-shaped tissue paper pieces), and I trimmed off any paper that was hanging far off the side of the paper.

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