Winter is coming. - momgineer

Winter is coming.

We had our first sticking snow of the season yesterday. It was melted by midday, but the kids were out and about by 7:30 yesterday morning so they could romp in the white stuff. I love how the morning light hits this photo! The first snow is always something magical and peaceful.

I actually don't mind shoveling, so you won't hear me complaining too much about winter weather other than when the roads are icy, I can't run outdoors.Ever since I got good, quality cold weather running gear, outdoor winter running has become much more enjoyable. What is your favorite outdoor winter activity?
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  1. We love winter too so you won't hear us complain either (icy roads excluded, of course)! The snow was such a welcome sight!

    1. It's just so pretty right after it falls...and so quiet. I don't think I could ever tire of it!

  2. I see 3 footpaths; I think someone besides the kids was having fun in the snow! :)

  3. =) I am thankful we don't ever get more than a couple of feet of it at a time, but it sure is fun to play in.