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Summer in Full Swing!

We have been so busy this summer! It is really flying by. Here is the mini update!

Big Kid (H) went to tech camp that I won in a raffle (woohoo!) and created a video game called Frosty's Adventure, where Frosty must pick up bombs (snowballs?) and hit the people with them in order to pass, and then reach the green door to get to the next level. He created 12 levels in all and I was really impressed he was able to do this in a one week, half-day camp!

We harvested the first of our garden beets last week! It's one of the few vegetables both kids like, so I need to remember to start seeds every few weeks next year. This year I forgot until the first batch was almost ready. It looks like we'll have a few dozen in the current crop. We also picked the first of our peppers! That means it's been hot! Usually we don't get peppers until August.

This past week we went to Rhode Island. My parents rent a house there in summer and I took the kids for the week, where they got to play with their cousins and spend lots of time at the beach. We also went miniature golfing, go-kart racing, bowling, and out for special treats. How lucky are these kids?
My favorite part about the beach? Going in the early morning when no one is there and running on the sand! Unfortunately it was very humid one day, which made for an unpleasant run, pouring rain another, and an obscenely early morning on another day, so I only ran twice there, but I did log 8.5 miles in those two runs so I won't complain any more about it.

This was a really neat surprise! When the kids and I were jumping waves, a young artist named Sofie drew this adorable sketch of us. I absolutely love it! She initially didn't sign it but I asked her to tell me her name and then to sign it.
 I hope everyone is having a good summer so far!

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