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Lego Sandbox

Tuggy the tugboat had a good life as a sandbox when my oldest, now almost 8, was a toddler. We also used it as a baby pool! It's been sitting in the yard for years now, mostly because I've been too lazy to do anything about it. I needed an easy day at home after yesterday (details of that to follow) so we went outside and hosed off Tuggy and the boys helped me get it up to the deck and clean it up. We then brought it inside and they emptied out all of their Legos inside. The Legos had been sorted by color, but they wanted to mix them up, so we'll leave the Legos in Tuggy for a few days until I get motivated to list it on Freecycle.

So far they have been playing in it for over an hour, so that's good enough for me!

What happened yesterday? Mr. Big-Emotions-Six-Year-Old slammed the French door, then kicked a pane, and what a pain it was to clean up all that glass!

There was glass at least 10 feet from the door on both sides, and in his and my feet. Of course he did this right after I sat down to eat lunch, which did not get eaten until at least an hour later. I am proud to say I kept my cool and quietly cleaned everything up and waited to speak with him about it until after the cleaning was done and I'd eaten my lunch. Why do we even have a glass door inside the house with two energetic children? My husband thought they were old enough to be responsible around it (I had him remove the door right after we moved in and it had been in the garage until a few months ago). Sigh. What this picture doesn't show is that there were Legos all over the floor as well, which I had to pick up one by one, and then clean.
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