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Landforms and Water Forms Resource Roundup!

Landforms and water forms are something we revisit from time to time, and since we did again recently, I thought I'd share some ideas on ways to have fun with this topic!

First, here are two fabulous freebies I recommend you start with!

Landforms Dictionary from Miss Martin's Classroom (be sure to leave some feedback when you download!):

Free Montessori 3-Part Cards!
We started with the dictionary. While the kids were coloring their dictionaries, we talked about them and discussed whether we had seen them before.

(Yes, we often homeschool in pjs!)
Then we got to work with Play-doh, making as many of the land and water forms that we could! I recommend using blue, yellow, and green colors and avoiding brown since everything we tried to make with brown brought up snarky potty jokes. You can use colored paper or plastic sheets/lids as background if you like. Here is one we did with a blue plastic lid from the dollar store:
We added a few small animals and a Lego tree for fun. You can print two copies of the 3-part cards to play a game of memory. I love that this activity is simple enough to do several times a year. It seems to always be a favorite. 

A few more freebies to study land and water forms:

Landforms Around the World Card Game from Primary Punch:

Landforms Foldable from Jen Ross:

Landforms and Bodies of Water Memory Match Game from Christina Bainbridge:

Do you have a favorite resource on this topic? Feel free to share the link in the comments!
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  1. very interesting post with loads of top resources ! thank you ! I like these too:

    1. Thanks for the link! We also love Super Teacher Worksheets!