First swim day at home! - momgineer

First swim day at home!

One of the perks of homeschooling is that when the weather is nice, we can do things like go on nature walks. If the temperature is as warm as it was today, the kids can go in the small pool we have in the backyard. I happened to grab my camera and snap this photo as well:

I also noticed while sitting outside that the caterpillars are out of CONTROL this year!
I think they're gypsy moth caterpillars and I'm not sure what we can do about them all! =( The happy news is we picked three strawberries! That means we each got to eat one. June tastes delicious so far!

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  1. Meredith, I put the link up! BTW, that is one beautiful bird and two handsome guys! We use swim shirts too for our boys; so much easier! Your strawberries do look great! Have you planted them before? If so, did they come back? Just wondering! :)

    1. Thanks Leslie! Yes, the strawberries come back every year! The second and third years are their best producers, but I just keep taking some of the babies and moving them to a new area and then we have more again the next year.