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Winter Olympics Activities

I have found a few freebies, crafts, and videos worthy of sharing to help you celebrate the Winter Olympics. I am excited to do this first one with my kids! Activity village has a "Learn to Draw" series that looks super fun:
NBC Learning has some videos all about the science and engineering of the Winter Olympics Games! You can get a close up look at Heath Calhoun's mono ski, and learn about the physics of figure skating. Definitely check these out! They are just about 5 minutes; long enough to learn something but not so long they lose your attention.

This craft was just way too cute to not share! Create your own Olympic ice skates! How sweet would these be hanging in your windows? Rhinestones and Pine Cones shares her tutorial here:

There is also a 100+ page download at Free Homeschooling Deals. I think it might be fun to keep track of all the medals with some of the pages they have provided! 
How will you be bringing the Olympic Games into your classroom or homeschool room? I think we will have our own mini games at home:
  • Speed skating: Racing on our wood floors in socks
  • Curling: I will make a painter's tape ring on the floor and we can slide bean bags into the center
  • Figure skating: I see lots of spinning around in circles ungracefully and falling on our arses 
  • Hockey: We have mini hockey sticks as well as an air hockey table, so I think we will do both!
  • Bobsled: Well, we have snow. We have sleds. We can use our imaginations and pretend we are going 50x faster than we actually are.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding: I don't ski or snowboard since I got injured just about every time I tried to snowboard. I think we will skip this one, but perhaps we will instead make mini skis or snowboards and race them down our super cool racing ramp! Here is our super cool racing ramp, that my handy husband built for a LEGO party almost 2 years ago, and the kids racing pompoms with straws... I mean, here they are exercising their orofacial muscles to strengthen their speech:

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I hope your readers like it :)

  2. You're welcome! My own kids loved your freebie! Thank YOU!