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Week in Review

We had a nice, quiet week this week! Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I made a few white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries, and gave the kids origami hearts:

The kids made even more flags, thanks to our Olympic medal tracking:

I confess I made Norway's flag. I am obsessed with the Norwegian curling pants.
Norway's curling pants are Mondrian-inspired! I wish I had a pair!

We had a LOT of snow this week! It is snowing again now. Most people are complaining about the weather, but my only complaint is that it's too icy to run. =) We did get to see (and knock down) dozens of icicles.
The boys all ice skated yesterday, too. I still need to get a pair of skates so I can join them, but they had a blast! I'm so glad I caught them high-fiving on the ice, though I did miss a sweet moment when they were hugging each other.

I hope you had a fabulous week! Though schools are off next week, we don't really a break from homeschooling. I am excited about a few new additions to our homeschooling resources, and will hopefully get to post about them soon!
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