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week in review: snow!

This week can be summed up by the sizable storm that came our way! I dug out some snow tunnels for the kids on Thursday, even though my arms were sore from over three hours of shoveling on Wednesday. We also did some sledding, which I think I always have more fun with than the kids.

Heading into the tunnels!
The above picture was while I was shoveling Wednesday. This was my second (of four!) times out to shovel. When I had *just* about finished clearing the driveway after this picture was taken, a plow came down the road and pushed a whole bunch of snow back to the end of the driveway. I may or may not have shouted after him, calling him a sweetheart, or possibly something less nice. =) I do love snow, though, and I got a killer upper body and cardio workout, so I'm not complaining too much. We don't get "snow days" since we homeschool. The kids still did their work, and they played inside while I shoveled outside.
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