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Fine Motor Paper Pumpkin Crafts for Halloween

Pumpkin and Origami Halloween Crafts 

Here are two crafts that are so much fun for Halloween! I hope you enjoy these pumpkinspired ideas. Not only do they help use fine motor skills, you can incorporate measurement tasks and logic as well!

Woven pumpkin!

Materials Needed for Woven Pumpkin Craft

  • orange paper (I used extra large construction paper for the pumpkin)
  • pencil to draw your pumpkin
  • scissors to cut out your pumpkin
  • paper trimmer or cutting blade to make slits on your pumpkin and to make weaving strips

1. Draw a pumpkin and cut it out!
2. Cut some slits either vertically or horizontally. Mine are spaced about 1" apart.

 3. Cut strips of paper (there are 1" wide) in another color. I chose another shade of orange.

 4. Weave!

5. Glue the ends down and stem to your pumpkin. If yours came out really well, laminate it! It makes a lovely fall place mat!

Origami Balloon Halloween Crafts

Here is another cute one! I was obsessed with making origami balls/balloons as a kid and I thought they would translate well to mini jack-o'-lanterns! There is a great tutorial with videos on how to make the balloon. After you have made your shape, use a marker to draw your face! I trimmed a pipe cleaner for a stem and put it through the space where you blow up the balloon. Voila!

Some more ideas: a black cat, some ghosts, and...

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Halloween Craft

If you need to draw on a flat surface, unfold it. The face goes as shown.

This is where the logic skill can come in. Because most young kids will need help with this project, you can ask them where they think the face should go before you fold it up. Then after you make a few you can show them that it's easier to find the location after it's been folded up once! You can even fold it, lightly pencil in the face, unfold it, darken and detail the face, then fold it back up again!

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