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museum monday!

We hadn't hit up a museum in a few weeks so I thought it was time. We headed out to the Museum of Science this morning and had a really lovely time there! It was relatively empty with only a few school groups, the typical toddler crowd, and a few other homeschoolers. Here are a few highlights of the trip.

We checked out a fun Pixar exhibit which showed elements of digital design, lighting, and modeling, and had a fun station to build your own mutant toy (like Sid in Toy Story).

F's mutant toy.
H playing with 3D modeling.
If there are tubes, my kids are there. Word. 

Squee! Definitely the coolest part of the trip imo.
Found: Rodent mandible and tons of other bones!
When H spotted the Periodic Table, he skipped over quickly to check it out. He has been choosing different elements to learn about from the library and was excited to recognize some. Nearby, we checked out a cool leaf shape sorting activity.
Of course F was enamored with the ocean themed I-Spy table. He loves I Spy books right now and we looked hard to find everything!

There was a seashell game very much like "Guess Who?" which the kids really liked! They played several times.
This station was fun: sorting shells, then rotating the table and guessing how your partner sorted their shells.
We also saw a 3D movie about Sea Monsters!
Wicked awesome. I was thrilled to be able to add to our Engineering is Elementary storybook library as well:
After our museum fun, we came home and raked, and I pruned the blueberry bushes and tended the strawberry beds. It was a perfect homeschooling day!

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