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garden love

The gardening season is dying down. In a few weeks we will get our first frost, and many of the plants will not survive. For now, the harvest is abundant and colorful beyond belief!

Here's another recent photo as well:

Oh how I love my garden! The kids are such wonderful harvest helpers. They also help count and weigh the strawberries and tomatoes we pick. In 2013, we have picked 38.5 POUNDS of edible, delicious strawberries (or, 1670 strawberries, if you like to count by berry instead of by weight)! It would likely be over 60 pounds if I counted the ones that have gotten tossed straight into the compost due to slug holes, mushy berries, or squirrel bites. The kids at at least 95% of the good strawberries. Here is the most recent chart:
As you can see, most of the strawberries were picked in June. It's nice to have a small amount to snack on almost daily at this point. I know we missed several days of charting, but I think it's still fun to look at our graph. What's growing in your garden?

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