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Earth tri-hexaflexagons!

I love flexagons! They are very satisfying for fidgeters and bring the curiosity out of any kid! I hope you enjoy this one. Print it out (2 flexagons per sheet), color it, and then cut it out (click on the image, then right click-->View Image. You should be able to view/print full size). Do something a little different for your Earth Day crafts this year!
  1. Fold along the vertical axis and glue the uncolored sides together. 
  2. Wait for the glue to dry for a few minutes, then crease back and forth along each solid straight line.
  3. Fold back 2 triangles at a time to make the earth picture show.
  4. Put glue on one of the star flaps and then glue the two stars together.
  5. Start flexing! One way I explain how to fold it: “Fold together
    every other triangle.” After a few flexes it become much easier
    to do. You can go both “forward” and “backward” making the
    trees point in or out, and making the earth/flower or having the
    earth/flower pieces pointed to the outside.

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